In the summer of 2017, James wrote a play focusing on how people live when they experience pain and hardship. The play was written and released at a table reading, held in February earlier this year. The table reading was a great success, as was the release of a promotional video, ‘A speech for Soho’.


Seeing the potential for film to be distributed and shared, James decided to rewrite the Steal Suffering story as a screenplay.


The screenplay follows three (out of the original 5) characters in their own pursuits of hope. The story itself is inspired by the structure and content of jazz music, drawing upon its relationship to both tragedy and hope.


Since September, the Steal Suffering team has expanded in order to produce the quality and volume of work that the film requires.  


Each of the team’s seven members have crafted the screenplay so that it communicates a powerful message, and plan to release the film at an accompanying event for an audience of 600 people.


In order to make these plans a reality, and make the Steal Suffering narrative come to life, we require funds. Therefore, we are aiming to raise £19,000 so that we can:

  • Film & produce ‘Steal Suffering’ – (approx. 30 min in length)

  • Hold an event to air the film, alongside a display of visual arts, photography etc., all concentrating on the theme of hope.


This film cannot be produced without the incredible generosity of our supporters. If you love what this film stands for, and want to see it on the big screen, then please pledge to make it happen!


Any donation big or small would be greatly appreciated.


Many thanks and all our love,

The Steal Suffering Team


Further details:


Various rewards are available for pledges made to the project.


In order to give a true and honest reflection of the themes addressed in the film, ‘Steal Suffering’ contains strong language, sex, and drug references.


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